@Evleaks Leaks out the Nokia Normandy, That Low-End Nokia Phone Said to be Running Android


Earlier this month, we heard from The Verge, that Nokia was working on an Android phone and that the project was “full steam ahead”. We had heard that this was a relatively low-end Nokia device that would run Android. Not it looks kind of odd since it only has a back button. And no home or recents button on the device. Although they could go on-screen navigation like Google and Motorola have done. But then why make a button that looks like a back button, or perhaps it’s a forward button?

The image that leaked out today from Evleaks just says “Nokia Normandy, 2013”. It shows the Nokia Normandy in about six different colors, there’s lime green, white, yellow, blue, red and black. As far as looks go, it looks a lot like the Lumia line except there’s no Windows logo on the front. We really don’t know a whole lot more about this device, or even if it’ll even come to market. But if Nokia doesn’t hurry up, I have a feeling Microsoft will scrap the Normandy project.

Many people have been asking for a Nokia built Android phone for quite a while. I’ve never actually had a Nokia phone, I’ve heard that their build quality is epic. In fact, I’ve heard that you can run it over and it’ll still look like it did when you bought it. Which is great, especially for those of us that drop our phones a lot. I’ve also heard from Windows Phone users, that Nokia has some of the best cameras and software. Which is probably true. I’ve seen some of the pictures taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and it’s 41MP camera, and man they look good. Especially when you consider that it is indeed a smartphone and not a DSLR or a good point-and-shoot. I’d love to see something like the Lumia 1020 running Android. But I don’t think the Normandy is that phone, unfortunately.

How many of you are looking for a Nokia phone running Android? Let us know in the comments below.