End Of The Week App Deals: Call Of Duty Strike Team, Office Suite Pro, The Game Of Life And More!


It's the end of the week and that not only means that there's a fun filled weekend ahead, but it also means we've got a list of some great apps that went on sale and you can pick them up before your workweek is done. Some of the apps on this list are games, and some of the apps on this list are actual apps. Some could be used while going into next week, while others will end up getting some play time with you tomorrow most likely. I.E. Call of Duty Strike Team. At least, CoD should in particular because heck, its a stupidly fantastic game and it normally costs $7. During the sale its only gonna hurt your wallet for $3. That's four dollars off, when Call of Duty Strike Team was worth it even at its normal price. So… Go and buy it.

I digress though, there are some other really great apps on the list as well. Like Minuum Keyboard. It is a bit weird to get used to at first but once you get in the swing of things you'll notice that its extremely accurate with its predictions, and its nice because it only takes up a small fraction of the screen real estate that most other keyboards do. Since we know you're busy and were probably digging into the time that you're supposed to be using to help bob from accounting i'll get right down to brass tax. The list. The Friday app deals list. No more delays. Here it is.

Call of Duty: Strike Team â€" $2.99, was $6.99
OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF& Fonts) â€" $0.99, was $14.99
Minuum Keyboard â€" $1.99, was $3.99
THE GAME OF LIFE â€" $0.99, was $4.99
Business Calendar Pro â€" $2.49, was $4.99
Hexacon – Icon Pack â€" $0.99, was $1.99
Flatro – Icon Pack â€" $0.99, was $1.99
Tendere – Icon Pack â€" $0.99, was $1.99
Umbra – Icon Pack â€" $0.99, was $1.99


Of course there is still a huge Disney sale that is still happening as well that includes 12 awesome games. Here is the list of those:

Temple Run Brave:$0.49
Monsters University:$0.49
Where's My Water:$0.49
Temple Run OZ:$0.49
Monsters Inc. Run:$0.49
Jelly Car 3:$0.49
Toy Story Smash It:$0.49
Where's My Mickey:$0.49
Where's My Perry:$0.49
Where's My Mickey XL:$0.49
Disney Christmas Tree:$0.49

Keep in mind that this is simply a list of app sales that has recently gone on sale or just went on sale today. If there something that I missed that you know of and would like to see it on the list for today's deals, Let us know in the comments on our G+ post and we'll update it.