Download the Latest Google Play Store APK With In-App Purchase Indicator and More

Just this past year, the Google Play Store on Android has undergone some changes, a lot of them for the better. Everything is that little bit easier to find and overall, the Play Store is a much more inviting experience than it used to be. Ever since the major 4.0 revision that gave us the card UI, we've seen numerous tweaks and changes. With the 4.5.10 release, as Android Police discovered, a couple of bigger changes have joined the app. Notably, an indicator that tells you whether and app or game comes with in-app purchases and a social tracker, that can be shared with Google+, letting your friends know what you've been up to. That might be a little creepy but, it's also one more thing that helps finding something new that little bit easier.

Taking a look at the in-app purchase indicator, there's a subtle little note in an app's listing in the store. Below is a section from the Heroes of Dragon Age game from in-app purchases mogul EA. Just where the ratings are, there's a little note letting you know that the game features in-app purchases.


It's obviously a small feature but, it's probably going to be an appreciated one and frankly, with the distaste for such purchases among most users, it's about time as well. The next big thing included in the update is a social tracker, that lists all of your activity in the Play Store and can be shared with others. You can take a look at what's been logged by touching your name from the slide-out menu from the left and you'll get a list something like this:


Again, this is probably not that big of a deal but, in the future it'll start to get used more and more by Google and we wouldn't be surprised if Google were to perfect some more integration with Google+ in the next couple of releases going forward. Now on to the more important stuff: how you can get this new Play Store on your device right now. Rather than waiting for the update to rollout where you are, all you need to do is download this APK (signed by Google, of course) and then install it as you would anything else. Hey presto! A shiny new Google Play app!


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