Download: Google Search Updated to V3.1.24 – Brings Bug Fixes Galore


Google has just pushed out an update to their Google Search update on the Play Store. This one is version 3.1.24, and doesn't bring much in terms of new stuff. But more along the lines of bug fixes. There are a few noticeable changes and fixes here that are integrated into Google's new launcher. But that's literally it.

One of the things Google fixed with this update is the fact that app icons and the Google Search bar were overlapping with the previous update. For those of us with OCD this was a great fix to see. Some of the other changes includes slightly larger icons on the home screen, for some devices. Also the "Settings" icon now shows up after a long-press on an empty region of the homescreen has been modified to be more in line with the KitKat appearance. The folks over at Android Police also tore down the APK and noticed a few changes in the strings.xml file, which is most likely associated with the contact recognition feature. Which allows Google to easily associate voice commands with contact names for calls, texts and more.


"<string name="contact_opt_in_learn_more_url"></string>;

<string name="contact_upload_for_communication_actions_title">Contact recognition</string>

<string name="contact_upload_for_communication_actions_desc">"Let Google use your device contacts to understand who you're trying to reach"</string>


<string name="contact_opt_in_header_opted_in">"Contact recognition enabled Touch the mic to get started"</string>

<string name="contact_opt_in_up_arrow">â†'</string>

<string name="contact_opt_in_header_not_opted_in">Improve contact recognition</string>


<string name="contact_opt_in_prompt">To complete this voice action, Google needs to use your device contacts. &lt;font color=#4285f4>Learn more&lt;/font></string>

<string name="contact_opt_in_no">No, maybe later</string>

<string name="contact_opt_in_yes">"YES, I'M IN"</string>"


As always we've got an APK here for you to install the update right now, instead of waiting for Google's long staged rollouts. Why can't Google just push it out all at once? I'm sure they've got enough bandwidth to do so, I mean they are freaking Google. Am I right? Anyways, you can download the app through the link below and it'll update your existing Google Search app. If you find anything else new, be sure to leave a comment below.

Download: Google Search v3.1.24