Disney Holiday App Sale Discounts 18 Great Games to Just 49 cents!

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The holiday season is a great time to score some great discounts on apps and games. With so many people getting (and giving) new phones and tablets as gifts, not to mention the downtime that many have during the holiday break, it’s the perfect opportunity to fill your device with great games at holiday discount pricing. After Sega dropped the price on many of their games, now it’s Disney’s turn.

Today you will find 18 Disney games on the Play Store discounted to a mere 49 cents! The description says that these deals are “exclusive” to Google Play, meaning our iOS friends are likely still paying full price.

Most of these are highly reviewed games that should be fun for kids and adults alike. There’s no mention on how long the sale will last, so if any of these catch your eye, be sure to buy them quickly before the price goes back up. Here’s the full list:

Disney Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
JellyCar 3
Monsters University
Monsters, Inc. Run
Temple Run: Oz
Toy Story: Smash It!
Temple Run: Brave
Where’s My Mickey?
Where’s My Mickey? XL
Where’s My Perry?
Where’s My Water?
Wreck-it Ralph

There is also a list of apps and games for young children. These are also discounted to 49 cents:

Mickey’s Paint and Play!
Toy Story: Story Theater
Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along
Minnie Bow Maker
Winnie The Pooh Puzzle Book
Disney Princess: Story Theater

Almost all of these were $1.99 originally, making this a 75% off discount for most of the games here. The Live Wallpaper is the only non-game on the list, but even that one might be fun for the kids’ tablet or something.

Disney is also offering some discounts on in-app purchases in some games, including My Muppets Show and Nemo’s Reef. These games are free, but require building up a world, and in-app purchases can make that faster, so these discounts are great if you like that kind of game.

Don’t immediately assume that all of these are kids games, either. If you haven’t tried Where’s My Water, you should definitely spend the 49 cents to give it a try, it’s a fun and challenging game for adults, too. The spin-offs Where’s My Perry and Where’s My Mickey follow the same style, but with different puzzles.

And if you’re already a fan of the Temple Run games (who isn’t), then Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz would be great for you, as they follow the same game mechanics as the originals, but with new obstacles and additions.

All in all, this is a solid list of games that are now a steal at only 49 cents each. Those kids’ games at the end of the list are highly discounted, too, so if you have a tablet you share with young children, these are a great buy, especially since you could get all of them for less than $3. Or you could buy the whole list of more advanced games for less than $6! Not bad at all.