Deck The Halls With Angry Birds Seasons; The 4th Christmas Update Arrives


Break out the eggnog, warm up the fire, and start roasting chestnuts over the stove because it's December and Christmas time is drawing ever closer. It's time for you to get into the Christmas spirit. The good news is you won't be alone. Rovio and the entire flock of Angry Birds and those evil little pigs are going to be all cheery too. We're not suggesting you that you try and go caroling with the Rovio team, were just saying that you should download the Christmas update for Angry Birds Seasons.ang2
As most of you are already aware, Angry Birds Seasons puts out updates based around certain holidays every year and the time has come for the Christmas update again. The new xmas themed update titled "Arctic Eggspadition" has 25 new levels (plus four secret bonus levels)of awesome holiday goodness to work your way through. You won't be able to blow through them all in a days work though. Rovio has wrapped their christmas update around the wonderful theme of the advent calendar which is a cheeky and festive tradition that most people are familiar with around Christmas time, usually from their childhood.

Basically you will only be able to play one level per day, that corresponds to that day on the calendar all the way until Christmas. Like the advent calendar where each day of December uncovered reveals a chocolate for the kids, Angry birds seasons will unlock a new level every day. Everything in Angry Birds Seasons has been decorated with Holiday Spirit. Even the pigs have on their winter hats and are sitting cozy by the fire. The snow is falling and no one is calling yoohoo here. Just squawks and oinks all around. If you're an avid Angry Birds Seasons player and you look forward to each new seasonal or holiday themed update, than I imagine this is better than christmas for you. Consider this your special gift from Rovio. ang1
If you already have Angry Birds Seasons installed, or if you want to finally join in on the fun, you can grab the game from the link below and get to playing.