Cyber Monday Deal: Galaxy Note 3 on Sale for All Four Major Carriers

By Nick Sutrich December 02, 2013, 5:25am
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Cyber Monday has officially begun its time in the spotlight, so we figured you might be interested in some crazy good deals on Samsung's latest flagship device, the Galaxy Note 3.  Black Friday just happened the other day of course, and while there were plenty of deals out there for the Galaxy Note 3, they all required you to get up super early and very likely wait in a line for a couple hours.  Time is money friend, so while Amazon's Cyber Monday offers for the Galaxy Note 3 aren't quite as cheap as some found on Black Friday, we're still talking $140 off the regular price of the Sprint and Verizon versions, and $75 off the AT&T one.  Just in case you don't feel like doing the math, that's $169.99 on a 2-year contract for either the white or black Verizon Galaxy Note 3 and the same price for the white or black Sprint Galaxy Note 3.  Sprint is also offering no activation fees for any new customer through the Amazon link, so that adds up to extra savings per line if you are planning to switch to Sprint.

On the flipside the white or black AT&T Galaxy Note 3 is available for $214.99.  While this isn't quite as good of a deal as a free Galaxy S4 or a $50 LG G2, it's still quite a bit less than the retail price.  Those on T-Mobile can get the device for $0 down and $25.50 per month, which brings the total cost of the phone down from $708 to $612, as well as free shipping thrown in for good measure.  That's a pretty sweet deal no matter how you slice it.

If you haven't decided to bite the bullet and get a Galaxy Note 3 yet, maybe our review would help push you over the fence one way or the other?  The Galaxy Note 3 is easily in the top 5 best phones you can buy right now, and while it's definitely more expensive than some other phones out there, especially with Cyber Monday deals going on, you might just find that the Note's unique features makes that price totally worth the extra cash.  Food for thought to help your decision between both colors, the white Galaxy Note 3 has a different back material than the black version, forsaking the more leathery feel of the black model for a more plastic-like material to help avoid getting dirty.  Let us know if you end up getting one of these deals!

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December 02, 2013, 5:25am
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