Concept Device Video Shows HTC M8/HTC One 2

HTC One max Sprint AH 13


Rumors are nice to have, because if anything they give us an idea of what is to come from OEMs around the world. Take that one step further and add visuals to the rumor and you got a hit! Well one form of visuals added to a rumor, is a rendered device. This device doesn’t always come from confirmed rumors or well-known rumors either, sometimes a it’s just someones concept render, but no matter what it still gets you excited and pumped up for a future device. We now have a rendered device of the HTC M8, and better yet, there is a video as well, thanks to TechRadar.

The video is embedded below, but to make the video more enjoyable, lets break it down first. Straight away, you will notice a not so clever and exciting name for the device, and this is where rumor comes into play, the HTC One 2. You will also notice that the concept device plays it pretty close to the HTC One family, visually at least.

The HTC One has won award after award, all over the interwebs. Design has been a big part of those awards, so why mess with what’s perfect? Yes we all want to see something new, but if the device has enough going on inside, than we doubt many would complain too much. Before we get to the specs, lets talk about the differences on the outside, though few and far apart.

The looks are, as we said, very similar to the HTC One, except there are some hidden features there that are very different. Added was an SD card slot, something that many people have been concerned about, while others are indifferent. Taken away, is the side borders, making the display edge to edge. The sensor and lighting for the camera has been moved from the side of the lens, to above the lens, of course, also missing from the back is the Beats Audio logo.

The last hidden feature, takes us back to the idea that fingerprint scanners are going to be a big part of the devices of 2014. The HTC logo on the front of the device, has been turned into a fingerprint scanner. That’s right, according to the concept device, unlocking your phone would only require your finger pressed on the HTC logo. That pretty much does it for the outside so lets check out what is on the inside.

We are all excited to see the 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor on board. To compliment that 800, there is 3GB of RAM and storage wise there is 16, 32, and 64GB options. Powering the device and all the insides, is a 4000mAh battery. Which is most likely going to be the norm for smartphones of 2014. The only part that seems to be a bit of a stretch, is the camera.

According to spec list for the concept device, they put a 10 MP Ultra Pixel camera. Seeing as how that is a huge jump from the HTC One, which both have a 4MP camera. That jump may be unlikely, though the camera has been getting some heat for malfunctions with low light images, the mega pixels don’t seem to be the problem. The low number just scares away the less informed customer. Lets move away from the camera now, and focus on software.

The HTC One 2 concept is running Android 4.4 Kit Kat, and why wouldn’t it be? but they also threw in rumored HTC Sense 6.0. The current version of Sense is still at 5.5, and there hasn’t been more than a whisper about Sense 6.0 as of yet. After all is said and done, concepts are a great way to get excited about whats to come, and given the effort HTC is putting into the One series, we are bound to see a great device, hopefully launched at CES 2014, or sooner.

What about you, what do you want to see come from HTC with the HTC One 2? and can we please come up with a better rumored name for the HTC M8?