Chromecast Makes #1 Of TIME's "Top Ten Of Everything" List


Who'd have thought that Google would have such a groundbreaking product that it would be at the top of everything technological this year? Apparently TIME magazine did and that's exactly why they put it at the tip top of their "Top 10 of Everything 2013" list. It's no secret, the Chromecast is a fantastic little device and its easy to see why.

The Google media dongle is the easiest way to stream some of your favorite content right to your tv. Just find an open HDMI plug and you're off. From there you just pick what type of media you want to stream and enjoy. Although Chromecast doesn't do nearly as much stuff as some of the other things we saw released this year, at the low price of $35 it was a steal for what it did do and everyone had to have one. It gives you the ability to easily stream Netflix, HuluPlus, HBOGO, etc. all from your android device, or PC. Because you can just plug it in and turn on your tv, there's virtually almost no setup at all. That is of course after the initial one time setup(which didn't take more than a minute).

Seeing the device get so much recognition for such a simple task is a huge success to say the least, and TIME magazine couldn't have put it better in the following excerpt from their piece on the media streaming dongle.


"Instead of trying to do everything – like Google's famously ambitious and unsuccessful Google TV– this thumb-sized gizmo does one thing, does it as simply as possible and does it for the impulse-purchase price of $35."

There you have it. The Chromecast is widely popular and simple to use, and TIME thinks its number one. According to Androidspin, TIME made the right choice, and we'd have to agree. So far there are 7 apps that you can use with Chromecast, including Netflix, HuluPLus, HBOGO, Pandora, Youtube, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies. Rumors are that Plex might be on the way and we could possibly be looking at the upcoming ability to cast your Android devices screen to the Chromecast, as well as many more possible apps. These features could make Chromecast even more appealing to users. Don't think the Chromecast should have topped TIME'S list? Throw a comment on the G+ post about what you'd have liked to see on the list.

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

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