Chrome OS is Only Going to Get More Popular as We Head into 2014



If you're a die-hard Android fan, then chances are that you're more than just a little invested in Google's services and products. So, it's natural that Chromebooks are becoming popular with Android users. Here at Android Headlines, we quite like them and I personally have a Cr-48 (which my father now uses daily) and an Acer C720, which we recently reviewed and found to be the best of the bunch, balancing price and performance very well. However, it's not just Android users that are interested in Chrome OS and Chromebooks these days, instead it's everyday users that want nothing more out of their laptops than to get online and browse the web. For that, the Chromebook is perfect but, beyond that if everything you do in life is compatible with Chrome on the Desktop, then you can do it on a Chromebook, too.


As former analyst Chris Umiastowski ponders over at Android Centralthe future's bright for Chrome OS and the Chromebook. We're obviously inclined to agree with him, and for many of the same reasons. As Chris points out, Chromebooks are selling very well on Amazon right now and in fact, out of the six best-selling laptops on Amazon right now (as of writing), three of them are Chromebooks.


Certainly, this is more than likely down to their attractive price points but, it's also starting to look like Microsoft upset more average consumers than they first thought with Windows 8. I'm running Windows 8.1 right now and while I don't like it, I don't dislike it. However, I'm someone who will tinker, to get the best out of something and seeing as I work from this PC all day I need it running as I like. The average consumer who wants a laptop to play the odd game on, "to Facebook" and to just browse the web doesn't really care about Windows 8, all they care about out is that it's new, and it doesn't work like their 3-year old laptop did. Obviously, things are turning around for Windows 8 and 8.1 made things a lot easier on folk but, those that just want to get online and have a casual experience with a laptop, can buy a Chromebook and be happy for most of the things they do.


The writing isn't on the wall for Windows laptops, they'll still rule the roost for a long time to come and Windows will always have its place but, the future of Google's once laughable experiment is definitely something for Microsoft to be worried about.

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