Check Out The Apps That Support The Immersive Mode In Android 4.4


Among the changes that came along with the update to Android 4.4 Kit Kat, was Immersive Mode which allows you a much easier way to interact with your notifications and navigation panel from within supported full screen apps. The function of Immersive Mode is actually fairly simple, and really when it comes right down to it, it's a feature that should have been accessible to Android users ages ago. It wasn't terribly difficult to get to your status bar and interact with incoming messages or other notifications prior to Immersive Mode, it was more or less just a pain.

If you were playing a game for example, and all of a sudden you start getting incoming messages, if you wanted to get to these right away you would have had to exit out of the app entirely by pressing your home button, or by jumping to another app that doesn't enter full screen. It's by no means impossible to do, it just cuts into whatever you were doing at current. Thankfully, with Kit Kat's new Immersive Mode you can be in any supported full screen app and get to any of your notifications just by dragging down from the top of the screen to bring your status bar down over your open application. No need to close out of it, and no need to hop over to another app just to view it. Once you're done interacting with your notifications, you can just hit the back button to jump back to the open game or other full screen app.It really is quite a huge improvement over the experience we use to have before Immersive Mode came into our lives, and I for one never want to go back. Sometimes the notifications that come in aren't always high priority, so why bother leaving whatever it is that you're doing(and obviously enjoying) just to check your statuses? If you're someone who is running Android 4.4+, we want to help you take advantage of Immersive Mode as easily as possible. That's why were throwing up some apps that support Immersive Mode to help get you started.

Thanks to DroidLife, you can find a list of apps below which already support Kit Kat's Immersive Mode feature, and the link to this thread on Reddit will expand that a list a bit further with a few more that we didn't mention. Past the apps on this list,(keep in mind we could have missed a few apps) most everything else either hasn't received an update to support Immersive Mode yet, or we just haven't noticed it. If you see something that isn't on here, feel free to Post it in the comments on our G+ post.


Beach Buggy Blitz
All Games By Hexage(Such as Reaper, EVAC etc.)
Google Play Books
Google Search
Hangouts during Image Viewing
Manga Plus
Moon Reader
MX Player
Paint Splash
Perfect Pixel Checker V2
Pow Comics Reader
Riptide GP 2
Snes9x and any .emu series of emulators by Robert Broglia
Super Hexagon

and 500px

That's the list of what apps are supported so far that we know of, and don't forget there are a few more that aren't listed here that you can find by hitting the link to the reddit thread above.