Asus Releasing The PadFone Mini Next Wednesday

Want an Asus PadFone Mini? Well good news, Asus is releasing the mini version of the PadFone next week, so you'll have your chance to grab it next Wednesday. The PadFone series is one of intrigue and curiously peculiar design. Up till now, there has been three phones in the lineup so far, the PadFone, PadFone 2, and PadFone Infinity, and now soon the PadFone mini for those of you that like a device with a little bit of a smaller display.

The PadFone Mini is supposedly coming equipped with a 4.3 inch 720p qHD display, making it just so mini that it fits in your pocket a little better but isn't too small to enjoy. Compared to the PadFone Infinity which has a 5 inch 1080p display, the mini is going to fit right in with the rest of the things you like to stuff into your pockets. Although I don't know how much you'd want to put other things in your pockets with a shiny new device.

On the processor side of things, thanks to GSMarena we know that  its rumored that the PadFone Mini will be running a snapdragon 400 processor, with possibly 1GB of RAM. That's not too bad considering Asus is trying to keep this device a little more on the affordable side. The big question that most of you are probably wondering about is the tablet size, since a lot of the features would be better suited for when the phone is docked to a larger display. Initially it looked like the tablet portion of the PadFone Mini was going to have a 7 inch display but it looks like that might change, and we could possibly be looking an 8 inch screen instead. The full size PadFone comes along with a full 10.1 inch 1080p display so this is definitely slimmed down in screen size to fit the overall mini theme. Just imagine seeing the PadFone Mini next to its larger older brother in a sort of family photo.

Speaking of families, if you're one individual that prefers the PadFone line but enjoys the larger screen size, the PadFone mini might make for a great gift for someone in the family that has smaller hands, like say your kids? Possible stocking stuffer? The phone at least, you'd have to have a huge stocking to fit that tablet in there with it.

The PadFone in theory is a really nice idea, and having the option to work with all your phones data and apps on a tablet size screen just by docking it sounds amazing. Can Asus grab the market they've been hoping for with this smaller and cheaper option? What do you guys think about the PadFone line? Post your thoughts in the comments on our G+ post.

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