Apple Re-Files Suit Against Samsung Devices Infringing on Patents

As if patent wars couldn't get any crazier, some companies seek "justice" even with the absence of products in violation. The sue happy company known to many as Apple, has struck again, this time bringing up the past, and Samsung is the target.

Patents are essentially a piece of paper. That paper allows for a company to have rights on an invention, making it illegal for other companies to duplicate. This is a great way to protect inventions and ideas, but in the world of technology, it becomes something different. The rate of which technology advances, is unbelievable at times, and new ideas are always coming to fruition. From a business aspect it makes sense, but from a consumer point of view, it is a way for the company to ensure that we buy their product over another. The problem with the logic, is that many of us don't buy a device based on one thing, one feature or material used. Apple seems to attack this issue in a different way. They tend to patent anything they can, to make sure no one has what they have. Giving us, the consumer fewer options to choose from when we go shopping for a new device.

This is the case for Apple vs. the world, but right now we are talking about Apple vs. Samsung. In November of 2013, Apple was awarded the chance to re-file a suit against Samsung. Apple took that chance, and asked U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, to oversee the end of sales in the U.S. of the Samsung devices in question. The suit would ban around 20 Samsung devices that infringed upon a design and utility patent held by Apple.

Amongst the 20 devices were smartphones and tablets alike, the part that may blow your mind, so get ready, is that the devices have since been pulled from store shelves in the U.S., where the suit applies. That's right, it is no longer possible to get the product pulled off the shelves, instead it seems to be more of a principle thing, a way to punish Samsung so that they learn their lesson. Foss Patents shows the official filing, and in the details of the suit, Apple had this to say, "Samsung's claim that it has discontinued selling the particular models found to infringe or design around Apple's patents in no way diminishes Apple's need for injunctive relief,".

This has become more than a war to Apple, this seems to be personal, and a way for them to show everyone, they are not safe. Apple wants to be sure that Samsung doesn't try and "infringe" on their patents again. Samsung, has no choice currently but to show any workarounds they may have for the patent infringements, even if they aren't selling the devices anymore. Samsung said they have them in the works, but have yet to unveil them.

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