AnTuTu Benchmark for Mysterious ASUS PadFone X Appears


We know it has been so long since you have heard anything about Asus. More specifically, about the Asus PadFone line up. Well in the off-chance that you have been, for some reason, waiting for more news about the PadFone line, wait no more. A new device from Asus has shown up in AnTuTu.

The reason for the sarcasm, if you are unsure, is because the PadFone family has just seen the announcement of the PadFone Mini. Not to mention it has only started about a year ago. Yet, we here talking about a new PadFone, code-named the PadFone X.


Thanks to AnTuTu, we have plenty of specs we need to get a better idea about the device, unlike most rumors flying around about other devices. Starting with the software, which will be Android 4.4 Kit Kat, or at least at the time of the leak it was. The PadFone X will be packing 2GB of RAM with 16GB onboard storage, and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The display? well according the benchmarks, we have a 1920×1200 pixel display. mouth Watering yet?


It has been pointed out though that the most interesting part of the benchmarks, is the camera. Taking a look at the list, you see that the front facing camera, is non-existent. The rear camera comes in at only 5 MP. This isn't the first time we have seen something like this, think back to the HTC One.


The HTC One had a camera that showed up as only 4 MP, but they boasted that they were "ultrapixels" and besides some bugs, the camera turned out to be a well done innovation by HTC. It may be that Asus has come up with their own take on the "ultrapixel" or it could just be a prototype that was tested, therefore it was incomplete. No matter how you look at all the information, the point remains the same, Asus really likes this PadFone line and will be pushing it well into 2014. The most important thing is whether or not we are interested. So are you? Are you interested in the PadFone lineup, and what do you think about this camera situation we may have on our hands?

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