Angry Birds Go Hits the Play Store; Kart Racing Keeps The Birds Grounded


Every time there's a new Angry Birds release, Rovio once again gets a lot of attention. This time around though, it might not be the sort of attention that they were looking for. It's undeniable that Angry Birds is the best example of just how successful a simple mobile game can become and Angry Birds Go! is a departure from their award-winning formula that made them so successful. Instead of the usual bird-on-pig violence of previous games, Angry Birds Go! is a kart racer that focuses on downhill races a la Mario Kart.

This time around, Rovio have created a game that focuses on a 3D world in which the Angry Birds and their cars are fully realized and the action is both fast-paced and action packed. The core gameplay is pretty fun but, if you're looking to become heavily invested in the game, you'll have to cough up as in-app purchases are strong with this one, as Pork Vader would say. It's not that they're incredibly invasive or anything but, it's pretty clear that in-app purchases are a focus of Rovio's to recoup costs. We doubt that such a practice will be a hit with parents but, only time will tell. No matter though, with the recent Christmas update and now this, kids have a lot of Angry Birds to play this Christmas.

The game is available in the Google Play Store right now and it seems to be compatible with a fair range of devices but, for some reason doesn't want to install on my Nexus 7 (2012). Nevertheless, any teething problems will more than likely be handled by Rovio pretty quickly. While there's more to Angry Birds Go! than meets the eye, the game is very much an Angry Birds spin on kart racing games the world over so, don't expect anything magically different.

You can grab Angry Birds Go! from the Play Store by hitting the button below. If you've downloaded the game, let us know what you think about the Birds' latest outing in the comments below and over on Google+!

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