Android Retro Game Of The Week: Fiz – Brewery Management Game

December 21, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Join the rising tide of popularity in starting and managing your very own brewery. Microbrews and craft beers have become increasingly popular in many places, and even if you can’t brew your own craft beers in real life, inside Fiz: Brewery Management Game you can! This retro styled game follows in the footsteps of games like kairosoft’s Game Dev Story, and while it has a sort of steep learning curve to it all, it gives you an eventual extremely rewarding feeling once you get the hang of things. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own brewery, Fiz gives you the chance to do so. The best part, if things go horribly wrong its not the end of the world because its just a game!fiz

In Fiz, you’ll start off in a humble garage, making your own home brews, as many bigger breweries often do, and with a little determination and a pinch of imagination, you just might make it to the big leagues and turn that home brew into a beloved craft beer sought by many. To build your brewery up to world class standards, you’ll have to put in some hard work. Becoming a brew master isn’t all fun and games.fiz1 You’ll have to scour the marketplaces and festivals doing research to find out what the people are wanting and use that knowledge to create your next masterpiece. Be careful as you go about your journey, putting in the leg work to find out what’s what in the world of beer isn’t your only hurdle. Rivals will try to stifle your creativity, and you can’t have that now can you?fiz2

The story of your dream brewery will be replete with mystery and hardships, and people that are desperately thirsty for beer. You’ll have 20 total hours of gameplay throughout the entire story, with the ability to pick up and play for minutes or hours; Your choice. Hire up to 20 employees to help you discover all 60 brew recipes, and have fun with the 60 randomly selected events and competitions. fiz3Along your path of craft brew discovery, you’ll search over 25 marketplaces to find the best ingredients and use them in your concoctions. Once you finally beat Fiz, you can enter “New Game” mode to start over with randomized content. So no two play throughs will be the same. Fiz: Brewery Management Game is only $1.99 in the play store, and that folks is a one time buy. No IAP, no wait timers for things to upgrade or finish building. Just play and have fun.