Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – December 13th Edition



Galaxy Note 3 On Verizon Gets Another Bug Fix Update



It seems that Galaxy Note 3 users on Verizon are in for yet another bug fix update. You can take a look at the fixes in the above photo and the build, VRUBMJE, brings with it LTE band 4, which should give users more LTE coverage with the device. The update has apparently now gone live so, look for this to hit your device in the next day or so.

Verizon Galaxy S4 Gets Small Update to Allow Third-Party Chargers to Work


Sticking with Verizon, Galaxy S4 users are getting treated to a little love as well, as build VRUEMK2 for the device has been approved and features a few bug fixes. Importantly though, this update fixes a wrong that should have never existed; now third-party chargers will work correctly on the phone. There's a reason microUSB is a standard and with this update, the Galaxy S4 on Verizon gets to enjoy such a standard.


T-Mobile's LTE-Powered Galaxy S III Gets Android 4.3 at Long Last



T-Mobile had themselves two versions of the Galaxy S III, one of them with LTE and one without. This update, that's apparently been running since Monday comes in at over 500MB and sets its sights on the LTE version of the Galaxy S III. This is the same Android 4.3 update that's been rolling out to most carriers over the past month or so and brings with it the headlining feature of Galaxy Gear support. As well as this, there are some updates to TouchWiz and the usual sort of stuff but, nothing too earth shattering. Above all, this is an update to a new version of Android and it brings some of the features from the Galaxy S4 back down the ladder.


Android 4.4.2 Rolls Out to Nexus Devices, Fixes SMS Bug


Just as you Nexus owners out there got Android 4.4.1 up and running, along comes Android 4.4.2. Well, this is what you signed up for, folks. Unlike Android 4.4.1, .2 is more of a bug fix and is a very small update, indeed. It first landed for the Nexus 5 and then hit the rest of the Nexus family. For those wondering just what this teeny, tiny OTA fixes you can read all about it here and once again rest assured that you're running the absolute latest version of Android. Which we're sure will make your Nexus bragging that much easier this weekend.

Xperia Z and ZL Android 4.3 Firmware Leaks Out




Sony have gotten pretty good at keeping their devices up-to-date recently, and it looks like Android 4.3 is very much on its way. As you might expect the leaked version of 4.3 (build 10.4.B.0.569) brings many of the features from the Xperia Z1 back down to its older brothers. In fact, apart from some UI changes and updated system apps, there's not too much to look at here. This is a leak OTA, so it's still best to wait if you're not sure what you're doing. Otherwise, Xperia Z owners can head here and Xperia ZL owners here.

LG Treats Optimus G Owners in Estonia to Android 4.4 KitKat




In what we can only describe as either a mixup from LG or a secret test that's not so secret, Android 4.4 is rolling out to users in Estonia. Yepp, Estonia. Which doesn't mean much to those with the Optimus G here in the States but, it does show that LG is working on things and that they could be turning their update woes around. You can read more here and if you've gotten the update, shout out in the comments.

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