Android Loses Another Engineer to Rubin's Robotics Team


Google has plenty of hush-hush projects at one time, most recently there was the barge in San Francisco Bay, which has had some questions answered recently. Then there is the robotics project, could it be household robot maids, delivery drivers, or simply new manufacturing systems? Whatever it is they are working on in that warehouse, they are eating up everything in sight. Google has acquired smaller tech companies, quietly, as well as bigger tech companies like Boston Dynamics, and now, they have taken another member of the Android team.

Romain Guy is a very popular Android engineer, we are used to seeing him at Google I/O and as a user on an Android subreddit. That very same subreddit is where he made the announcement, or random comment, that he has made the move, and followed fellow Android team member and creator, Andy Rubin.I'm glad you like my photos. "I am working on Andy's new project indeed." is all Guy had to say. In fact, the comment came from a topic of wallpapers, so it couldn't have been more random. Though it is pretty big news, and is now being treated as such. The move made by Romain Guy, is one that just makes sense. Guy has been with Google since 2007, being one of the top software engineers, and having a masters in computer science. Guy is one of the picture perfect employees for Google, and we are all excited to see what they bring out of those warehouses.

The project has piqued a lot of interests around the world, wondering exactly what is going on in there, though little has been said. Rubin has only made comments about manufacturing and logistics, but the interweb is a crazy place, with high hopes for something bigger and better. Robots who deliver packages has been brought up, with the use of the Google self driving car. No matter what Google says they are doing with the project, people will speculate, until the day we get an official launch.

What is it that you are hoping they are working on, a delivery-bot, or a new maid-bot? Or perhaps you believe they are just trying to better the world of manufacturing for small tech devices. On behalf of the AndroidHeadlines team, and our readers, congratulations Romain Guy on the move. We are anxiously waiting to see what you have in store for us next.

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