Android Holiday Gift Ideas 2013 Day #2: Google Chromecast

Chromecast Main

The Chromecast is one of those gifts that’s great for just about anyone. Who wouldn’t want the ability to stream stuff from Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, Pandora or a few other apps, straight to their TV? Especially since it’s only about $35. That’s a crazy good deal right now. Although, that’s the full price. The Chromecast does work with iOS (version 6 or higher), Android (Gingerbread of higher), Chrome for Mac (OS 10.7 or higher), Chrome OS and Chrome for Windows. So it’s cross-platform which is a good thing. Additionally, it’s even easier to set up. Just install the app and follow the simple directions. Trust me they are very simple.

The Chromecast was announced back in July, and it’s actually running on Android. Since being announced, it’s been a huge topic of interest of many people. In fact, it was sold out for weeks and even months following the update. It’s really great because it’s so small and so cheap. And now through the end of the year, Google is offering a free Google Play Movie rental with the purchase of a Chromecast. This is valued at about $6. Which makes the Chromecast an even more attractive choice.

This is a great stocking stuffer for most people. I know I’ll be picking up a few for the people that I need to find gifts for this holiday season. And it’s a great device. Right now there’s a very limited number of apps that can use the Chromecast functionality, but with the SDK being released very soon, probably before the end of the year, I’d expect many more to hop on the Chromecast train in the next few months. I know that Plex has expressed interest in creating a Chromecast device.

This is just another gift that’s looking to take the place of Cable. Which is a good thing since there’s no monthly fee for the Chromecast, just for some of the apps like Netflix. So what’s on your List this holiday season?

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player