Android Gaming Weekly: Badland, Dead Trigger 2, Assassins Creed Pirates, Heroes Of Dragon Age, And More


Acclaimed Platformer Badland Floats Onto Google Play
The award winning atmospheric platformer Badland is finally here for all us Android gamers. Immerse yourself in the single player campaign that has 80 truly unique levels, with more to come in future updates as promised by the developers. Want to share the awesomeness that is Badland? badYou can engage in the multiplayer mode and play with up to four players on the same device in 21 levels. Multiplayer mode will also be getting more levels in future updates, which is just down right awesome. The game is free and you absolutely have to check it out to see the amazement.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Dead Trigger 2 Receives Major Update With new Missions, Minor Tweaks, And Game Balance Bug Fixesdead trigger 2 m4
All you Dead Trigger 2 fans out there should get ready to break out whatever device you're playing this on and head for the play store to update the game as quickly as possible. This major update brings the already stellar game more missions, balancing of the game and some other minor tweaks that should prove to elevate it to an even higher level of badassery. We've never been more excited to shoot zombies in the face. dtg2What exactly comes in this update? More than 50 new moments of gameplay, new sniper and africa missions to play through, a redesigning of the warfare rewards system, and game balancing which includes a rebalancing of zombie difficulty, a decrease in fast zombies, and several rebalancing of missions. It sounds like a whole lot is going on with Dead Trigger 2 this week, so we won't waste any more of your time and let you get to taking out the undead.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Assassins Creed Pirates Sails Onto Google Playassassins-creed-pirates-650
Ubisofts Assassins Creed Pirates has finally made its way to Google Play as of December 5th. In Pirates, you'll be sailing the high seas of the caribbean as Alonzo Batilla and you'll be captain of your very own ship. You'll be engaging in real time naval combat all across the caribbean and can upgrade your ship .acp You can choose from various weaponry to destroy other ships and sink your foes into the briny deep. You can even build your entire ship and crew. With over 50 story and side missions, there's plenty to do. You can pick up Assassins Creed Pirates for $4.99 on the Play Store now, so get to it ye land lubbers!Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Heroes Of Dragon Age Invades Google Play; Engage In Tactical Squad Based Fantasy WarfareMorrigan_HoDA
If you're a Dragon Age fan, you know how immense the Dragon Age universe is. EA finally released Heroes of Dragon Age onto Google play globally, and surprisingly its free. The downside for many here is that this means there are IAP within the game. However, despite its price tag or lack there of, Heroes of Dragon Age is a rich fulfilling tactical game that has tons of complexity and exciting squad based combat. herCollect and battle with hundreds of characters from the Dragon Age universe. Play in the engaging single player campaign or compete with others for the top spot in the leaderboards in multiplayer mode. Single player has boss battles, multiplayer pits you against other living breathing humans that make decisions you might never even consider. Either way, there is bound to be some challenges. This game is definitely worth a look.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Square Enix's Next Franchise On Android Will Start With Dragon Quest VIIIdragon-quest-VIII-android-game
As Final Fantasy's time on Android draws to a close(at least for some time since the franchise will stop at FFVI for the time being) Square Enix has thought long and hard about what their next franchise should be for mobile. It seems that they want to start with Dragon Quest VIII, until they feel that current devices can handle the continuation of the FF series from VII on. Dragon Quest is one of the popular RPG franchises from Square Enix, and it looks to be making a debut(in Japan at least) on December 12th. This is not totally confirmed but the image shows what looks like to be a release date along with a price tag of 2,800 yen which rounds out close to $28.Dragon-Quest-VIII-android That's a steep price for a game on Android. Hopefully this doesn't end up the price we have to pay when this game reaches state side. Since there hasn't actually been any announcements regarding the game, keep your eyes peeled here for more information on the game as we approach Dec. 12th.

Savant-Ascent;The Gothic Shooter That Has More Wub Wub Than Borderlands 2savant-android-game
Shooters are becoming extremely popular again. With entries into the Genre like Savant-Ascent, that's no surprise. This Gothic themed shooter has tons of action and fast paced chaotic gameplay that will have you straining to dodge attacks from oncoming enemies while shooting as many out of the sky as you can. All to the tune of Dubstep music. The really cool thing about Ascent, besides its graphics and gameplay of course, is the fact that each level will task you with trying to acquire all for pieces of a "CD" which will give you a certain power boost for the next level. savEach "CD" is associated with a certain music track that plays in the background as well, which is a unique way to decide what music you listen to during the game. Savant-Ascent is a little like "Bleed" which you can pick up on steam, so if you have played that you will love Savant-Ascent. It will set you back $1.99 but trust us it's worth it.