Android Gaming Weekly 12/14/13- GTA San Andreas, LightBringers: Saviors Of Raia, The Collectables, Tales From The Borderlands, And More

December 14, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Arrives On Android Next Weekgrand-theft-auto-san-andreas-android
Not too long ago Rockstar Games Announced that they were bringing their next game from the GTA series to mobile. GTA San Andreas was supposed to arrive yesterday for ios and Android, and while it arrived for gamers on ios, the Android version has yet to show up. After a little waiting around, it was confirmed that GTA San Andreas will be arriving for Android next week sometime instead. This is more than likely due to a bug that Rockstar found within the Android version of the game as that seems like the best explanation, but it is unconfirmed as to why Rockstar actually delayed the game. Never the less, the release for Android is near and we only have a short period of time left to wait.

Lightbringers: Saviors Of Raia Is A Top Down Dungeon Crawler With Co-Op And Waves Of EnemiesLightBringers-Saviors-of-Raia
There can never be enough games within the dungeon crawler category, and that’s why Lightbringers: Saviors of Raia is here to give you a fix. Top down dungeon crawlers are awesome games simply because they let you hack and slash through waves of enemies. While Action-RPG based dungeon crawlers are a little more fun because of the story, dungeon crawlers like Lightbringers aren’t too intensive and require little attention.nexusae0_Lightbringers2_thumb This is great if you want to play for little spurts. Darkness has consumed the land of Raia, and it’s up to you and other heroes to stop it. You can choose between a male and a female character, and augment yourself with specializations and magic orbs. The graphics are actually quite good, but its optimized for tablets only as of now. There’s no word on if it’ll be available for smartphones, but if you have a tablet and want to try this game out, its free in the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

Crytek Developing The Collectables; A Tactical Squad Based Game For Androidthe-collectables-android-game
A variation of the popular meme “can it run crysis?” may soon become a standard for gaming on Android devices. Renowned gaming studio Crytek is known for their insanely realistic visuals within the game Crysis, and they’ll soon be bringing the same awesome idea to Android with The Collectables. the-collectables-android-game-2The Collectables is a tactical squad based game that boasts gorgeous 3D battlefields, intense gunfights and extreme squad based combat. There isn’t a whole lot of details on the game available just yet, but we do know its slated for a 2014 timeframe. You can however also watch the video to see firsthand some of the action. Theres a couple screenshots too. This game is going to be awesome! Enjoy.

Telltale Games To Release Tales From The Borderlands Onto Android Soontales-of-borderlands-android-game
Gearbox has teamed up with episodic game developer TellTale Games to bring us Tales From The Borderlands. The new game series is slated for a release window of 2014, and it will involve all the memorable Borderlands characters as well as some new ones for this episodic game series. We don’t know much more than that though unfortunately, but who cares! It’s a Borderlands game for Android!

Colossatron Massive World Threat Comes To Android On Dec. 19thcolossatron-android-game
The new game from Halfbrick studios called Colossatron Massive World Threat is almost here. In fact, we’ll get our first taste of it on December 19th. That’s only a short five days away. So what is this game? Basically you’re a giant robot worm that moves around and you have to destroy everything in your path. colossatron-android-game-2The robot worm is made of power cores that drop from space, and you have to collect these cores to stay alive longer so you can destroy more stuff. It has a cool graphical style to it and actually sounds like it will be pretty fun. There’s no mention of price yet, but with halfbrick the games are never too expensive. You can check out the photos and video while you wait for its release.

Nightmare: Malaria Infects Google Play; Helps Battle Malaria In The Real WorldNightmare__Malaria_-_Android_Apps_on_Google_Play
Nightmare: Malaria just landed on Google Play recently, and this darkly themed game from award winning game studio Psyop Games. The idea behind the game is to survive through 21 levels of fever dream like visuals and avoid killer mosquitos, using only your wits and the safety of mosquito nets. NightThe game actually looks pretty intense and seems like it is very addictive and fun. Although this game is free to download and play, all proceeds go to Against Malaria Foundation to help battle Malaria. Psyop even got Susan Sarandon to do the voiceovers. The game is quite uniquely original and is contributing to a good cause. With a game that looks this good how could you not play it?