Android Game Weekly 12/28/13: Humble Bundle 8, Sega Sale, OUYA'S White Console, MXGP, And More


Humble Bundle For PC And Android 8 Gets Three Additional Gameshumble-bundle-8-pc-android-update

Humble Bundle For PC And Android 8 has already been out for a couple of weeks, and they have added three more additional games to the mix. They were actually added earlier this week, and as of now you will have just a little under three days left to pick up this great game bundle for the minimum average. The minimum amount is just under $4.50, which of course could change a little if you wait too long, but if you hurry up and pay that price before the bundle disappears, not only will you get the original titles that were part of the bundle, but you'll now also get Solar 2, Bad Hotel, and The Bard's Tale. That's nine amazing games for under $5. That's a steal, not to mention Anomaly 2 which is also on the list as an unlockable game, normally costs $5 by itself. Hurry over to the main website because the bundle will be gone forever starting Tuesday.

Sega's Holiday Game Sale Continues; The Five Games They Put On Sale Last Week Are Still $1sonic-sega-all-stars-racing-android

SEGA makes some pretty amazing games, and just last week they put some of the best of those games that they have to offer on Android on sale for $0.99. It was holiday a sale and since the holidays are technically over you'd expect the games that they put on this list to go back to regular price. Well that's not the case because as of the time of writing this the games are still only $0.99. There's no telling how long this sale will actually last, so if you want to snag any of the games for under a buck, now's your best chance. You can grab Sonic CD, Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing, Sonic 4 Episodes I & II, and Sonic Jump all for $0.99 while the sale is still going on. Those are some great games that normally cost a few dollars each. Go SEGA! Now just bring us Phantasy Star.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

OUYA Releasing A White Limited Edition Console And Is Celebrating By Giving One AwayLimited-Edition-White-Ouya-giveaway

The OUYA looks good as it is, but for those who weren't too fond of the color, you might like the new white edition console that OUYA is planning to release sometime next year. It's just a regular OUYA with a different color scheme, so before you go and get all excited about a possible OUYA 2 release soon, I have to burst your bubble.white-ouya-android-game-console-1 However, OUYA is planning to give away one of these consoles in a contest, along with a pair of Tunein headphones. So that should perk you right back up! How do you enter for your chance to win? Good question. You won't have to do much, just like their Facebook page and enter to win on the Contest landing page. That's it. Pretty simple. Thanks OUYA!!


Official Motocross Comes To Android In MXGPmxgp-android-game

New from Timuz comes MXGP, in what they are calling the official motocross videogame. MXGP looks a lot like and plays similar in style to Trials Extreme, and if you have ever played that and liked it than MXGP just might be your type of game. Its free to play so there's a small plus, the question is how many IAP does it undoubtedly have to make up for the lack of an upfront cost if any? MXGP says its optimized for tablets, and it actually looks pretty good. mxgp-android-game-2You can upgrade your bikes and perform stunts, and even unlock achievements via the Google Play Games services. The best thing though about MXGP though, at least in my humble opinion, is probably some of the reviews on the play store. Just give them a quick read. Some of them seem just a tad bit off but never the less they gave me a laugh.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

Dark Souls Could Come To Android In The Future Says Namco Bandaidark-souls-mobile-game

Dark Souls could possibly make a jump to Android in the future. How likely is this to happen soon? Not very. However the fact that it is being discussed is all that matters. I will say this, if Namco can eventually bring Dark Souls to Android, Square Enix can do the same for FFVII which is a much less intensive game. Let's hope they beat Namco to the punch. Alex Adjaj who is Namco's Director of Global Strategy had this to say regarding the possibility that we could see this game on our tablets some day.

We'd like to bring Dark Souls to mobile, but it's very difficult because the guys at From Software are very much console oriented. To change their mind about it, it takes quite a while. I think there is a need to redesign the way you re-roll in the game to make it a bit more casual, so with shorter sessions, but definitely it's something we could bring to mobile in a very successful way.


This could possibly be one of the best things I've ever heard concerning the future of Android gaming. Here at Android Headlines were crossing our fingers that this becomes a reality.