Android Gaming News Weekly 12/22/13 : Riptide GP 2, The Cave, Dead Trigger 2, Driving Reckless, Real Boxing And More

Riptide GP 2 Gets Immerisve Mode Support

Vector Unit's Riptide GP 2 is a powerhouse of a game in the graphical department. With that in mind, if you're playing Riptide GP 2, you want to be able to take full advantage of all that its visuals have to offer. Thanks to the guys at Vector Unit, we can now do just that as they have updated the game recently and the update comes along with, you guessed it, Immersive Mode support. Not only that but they have added in some improvements and bug fixes for devices running kit kat. This is a great upgrade as we can now enjoy the game without having to exit if we get any incoming notifications. Play On.

Double Fine Doubles Our Fun With The Cave;Now On The Play Store

Double Fine first released this platforming adventure title on Xbox Live Arcade back in January, and they had previously announced that they were bringing the game over to Android. Well that time is here my friends, because The Cave is now available to download and install from the Play Store for $4.99. You can choose from a handful of characters to play, and you'll have to complete a series of puzzles in a platform like style to reveal the stories of each character. Double Fine has done some mighty fine work with this one. Go and check it out if you dig platformers that throw you into adventure face first.

Dead Trigger 2's Slay Bells Update Shambles Its Way Onto Devices

If you play Dead Trigger 2, or have been thinking about giving it a try, the game just became a whole lot more worth the effort. Dead Trigger 2 was already a massive game. This holiday themed 'Slay Bells' update has just risen the bar though, and pretty much doubles the content. With Slay Bells, you'll get a new area to fight off the horde in, you'll have access to a total of up to 30 weapons to use at your disposal, and use them in more than 150 gameplays. What might be the coolest thing about this update is more melee weapons. If you were tired of slashing up zombies with the combat knife, proceed to slice n dice them with the butterfly swords. You read that right. Butterfly swords. Enough said.

Real Boxing Gets Controller Support;You Can Now Punch Your Opponents Properly

Vivid Games Real Boxing has been a pretty big smash hit since its release, and as of yesterday, it probably just bigger. The game was already fairly easy to play, but controls just got a whole lot easier since it was updated to support gamepads. Plenty of games these days have greatly improved touch controls compared to touch based games of the past, but theres something to be said about getting to play a game with a controller. The game is also on sale right now for $0.99 to go along with the update. Run and grab it before the sale ends.

You Can Now Emulate Dreamcast Games On Your Android With Reicast

Sega did many fine things in its day, not the least of which was the Dreamcast. Sure the controller was a bit big and clunky, but if you grew up around the time when Dreamcast was in its prime, you can't argue that it wasn't awesome. Furthermore, you would have been too busy enjoying the many awesome games Dreamcast had to offer to worry about the controller anyway. The developer of Reicast wants to help you relive those moments of awesomeness with there new Dreamcast emulator. It looks pretty solid to us, and heck, we aren't gonna complain about playing Dreamcast on our tablets. Reicast is in its alpha stage, but as of right now its free, and seems to run pretty damn smoothly, so why not give it a shot?

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