Android Game Of The Week: Colossatron

December 21, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Have you ever been in control of a giant metal death worm destroying everything in its path? No, I didn’t think so. But, now you can have that ability with Halfbrick Studios Colossatron. In Colossatron you take control of a massive giant destructive being that is waging war on earth. Your only goal is to obliterate mankind.ColAs you begin your quest for total annihilation, there is one thing that stands in your way from achieving your goals, General Moustache and his army of soldiers. At least, he’ll try to stop you. But you’re Colossatron, a gigantic robotic snake that is the worst threat the world has ever seen. Huge battles will ensue and they will seem to intensify at an alarmingly rapid rate. You’ll have to do your best to fight off tanks, boom trucks, and aerial bombers, as General Moustache will stop at nothing to see you defeated.col1 You have weapons at your disposal too though. Giant colored power cores will randomly drop from the sky and the secret to winning over the military defenses lies in these power cores. As soon as they drop you want to apply them, as each color coded core will give you a certain power booster. Some are different weapon attachments to aide you in destroying everything. There are thousands of seemingly devious combinations to create bigger weapons, and stronger power cores with more destructive force.col3Colossatron gives you more than just complete and total mayhem. You can play in the games chaotic campaign mode, that will lead you on a trail across all seven continents as you wage war against the world and leave nothing in your wake but sadness and death. I know, it sounds dark, but its actually quite fun. When do you ever get to be the bad guy? Ok, lots of times, but when is the bad guy ever a giant robotic worm? You’ll also come across Epic Boss fights and intense survival challenges that will test your grit and resolve. Probably one of the coolest features about Colossatron might be the way that the game tracks your status of destruction. As you are a massive world threat, News of your horrible deeds has to be reaching the world somehow.col2 Thanks to Action 6 News and their news helicopter, all the chaos is broadcast Live to the world, and you get regular story updates from the News anchors Rick Dalton and Katie Hazard, which end up like a sort of cut scene scenario. Your damage is even tracked by Action 6 News via collateral damage counter as you continue on your raid against the planet earth. Ok, so it pretty much is just mindless destruction, but there is a little bit of depth here. All this fun could be yours for the low, low price of $0.99.