Android Game Of The Week- Angry Birds GO


Are you ready for some downhill racing on piggy island? The birds sure are, and so are the pigs. They can't do it alone though they need your help, seeing as how animals can't drive and all. Cause you know.. they're animals. besides wings and hooves can't grip the steering wheel. angry-birds-go-android-game-1
In this all new Angry Birds adventure you'll take control of the birds or pigs and compete in action packed kart races. Choose your racer and try to make it all the way to finish line, and remember if you aint first you're last! For the first time ever, the Angry Birds universe and the characters within have been re-imagined in 3D! It's Angry Birds like you've never experienced it before. You can pick from all of the favorites, including Red, Chuck, Stella, Terence, King Pig, and Mustache Pig. birdsorpigs
There are plenty of tracks to race on. You'll find yourself racing through stunt roads and air courses, and there are lots of boosts and power ups to give you that extra edge. Angry Birds GO also has five different game modes, so when and if you get bored with one you can move onto another. The game modes are as follows: Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat(???), Champion Chase, and Versus Mode. you can even upgrade your ride. You start off with a soap box derby style car, and you can upgrade it throughout the game to the fastest supercar there is. angry-birds-go-android-game-2
Rovio says that the kart upgrades are "yours to earn or purchase", although reviews say something different stating that many of the karts have to be purchased with IAP and have no visible way to earn them. Although this is bad form in the opinions of many(myself included), the game is still pretty fun and since its free its at the very absolute least it's a great time waster. If you have been waiting on Angry Birds GO, or just want something new and fresh in the Angry Birds world and want to give it a try you can grab the game from the Play Store link. Speed over and grab the install.