Amazon Offering Up To 65% off on Sony Flash Memory, SD Cards and Micro SD Cards – Today Only!

December 18, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

For those of you out there looking to pick up some additional storage for your camera, phone or another device before Christmas, Sony and Amazon have you covered. As part of Sony’s Gold Box Deal today, they are offering a slew of Sony’s Memory cards on sale for up to 65% off. Now they are already pretty cheap on Amazon, but now they are even cheaper. It’s a good idea to pick up a couple of SD cards for your camera, especially if you plan on using it during the holidays in the next few weeks. We’ve got them all listed below for you, aditionally there are a few other things from Sony that’s on sale today only during Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day.

SD Cards

Micro SD Cards

Other Sony Accessories on Sale

Lots of great stuff on sale today from Amazon. They may not be Sandisk memory cards, but Sony still has some good ones that are definitely worth the money. It’s a good idea to get a Micro SD card because then it can be used in your phone or tablet as well as a camera if you use an adapter. I actually use a microSD card in my DSLR by using a regular SD card adapter. And most micro SD cards now come with those adapters, which is a great ideas by the manufacturers.