All-Dock Aims To Be Your One Stop USB Charging Dock For All The Devices In Your Home

If you own a smartphone, chances are good that you have at least one or two other devices that charge via USB. Charging said devices can become extremely cumbersome unless you dedicate some real time to figuring out a crafty and design friendly setup to keep things functional but still looking good. More times than not though, what ends up happening is you've got a zoo of surge protectors strewn about the house with around 3 or so chargers plugged in to each one at any given time, so you can always charge up your devices no matter which room in the house you're in. This can end up being a pricey little investment when you factor in multiple surge protectors and multiple chargers. Then there's the matter of having enough room to place down your devices wherever you have them connected. In short it just ends up potentially costing you more money, looking clunky, and there's cords everywhere. A new kickstarter campaign aims to change all this, and help you clean up your charging stations by giving you an all-in-one dock that can charge and hold all your devices at once.The name of this wonderful little device is called the All-Dock, and you can help fund this awesome project as reported by Phandroid, by going to the kickstarter page and make this product a reality. The All-Dock has a varied list of different backer pricing options, all which come with at least one early bird unit of their dock. However you don't get the good stuff unless you pledge at least $59 or more, with the starting pledge being $39. The All-Dock has the capability to charge up to six different devices of varying sizes, but of course charging all six at one time will depend on your personal collection of products and what size they are, and whether or not you choose the All-Dock with the 4 port hub or the 6 port hub. The notable things about the All-Dock besides the amount of devices it can hold and charge at once, are that it offers you a choice of three different sizes and colors, ranging from small to large, and coming in white, black, or wood grain. The All-Dock also promises to charge devices at a whopping 2,400mA per USB port, which should make charging things as much as possible in a pinch that much easier. The All-Dock is only asking for a sum of $40,000 for the entire project, and they have already reached an amount totaling $17,711 at the time of this publication. They still have an entire month to go before the Kickstarter ends, so it's safe to say that they will be hitting their goal and then some. Units are expected to ship in march, and while you have plenty of time to decide on whether or not to make a pledge, if you have been looking for a device like this we wouldn't wait. This could prove ever useful if you need one place to charge your Nexus 7 and your Nexus 5. Let us know what you think about the All-Dock in the comments and what color choice appeals the most to you.

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