AH Awards 2013: Best Android RPG Game Of The Year

RPG titles are perhaps the most immersive games around. They grip you with deep and rich stories that not only connect you with the characters you play, but they thrust you into the danger of battle and test your decision making skills. Which attack to use, which spell to cast, and so on. There are many types of RPG games, some of the best of the year have been Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy IV The After Years, Ravensword Shadowlands, Dungeon Hunter 4, Symphony of the Origin, Tales of Illyria, and Fortuna Magus. RPG games continue to captivate gamers with vast adventure beyond untold imagination.

Runner Up: Final Fantasy IV
The Final Fantasy series is widely popular and loved by many fans the world over. Thankfully we've been lucky enough to receive the first five games in the series with the sixth on the way. Final Fantasy IV is quite possibly one of the best in the series, and the Android version is a port of the DS remake of the original game. It has a rich storyline that forges a bond between the gamer and each character within the game, which is further strengthened by the voice acting and hours upon hours of gameplay. FF IV has the active time battle system as well as the augment system which allows you transfer certain abilities between characters. Final Fantasy IV is a classic that remains among the top RPG games of all time. You can grab yourself a copy of Final Fantasy IV from the Play Store for $15.99.

Winner: Drakerider
Drakerider is another RPG title from acclaimed game studio Square Enix, but is a completely original game for mobile. It is because of this along with the compelling use of story and RPG action were used to from Square that has earned Drakerider our award for Best RPG of 2013. The unique battle system that is set up within the game is different from any other RPG. Instead of actually fighting with the games main character, you attack with a powerful dragon which you control. Choosing your attack potency is as simple as dragging your finger across the screen to tighten or loosen the chains which bind your drake. You'll need to be careful not to loosen them too much however or the drake can go berserk and kill you. Its truly a unique experience for an RPG. The graphics are also top notch. Since you'll be battling with your drake, you'll have to develop his abilities to make him stronger. Drakerider also presents the you with a choice on which abilities you do and don't want to learn. Picking certain abilities will close off the path to others, so make sure you choose wisely. You will have to decide for yourself which ones are more important on your journey. The combination of an excellent story, amazing graphics, originality and most important of all fun, make Drakerider the best RPG of the year. If you want an original RPG experience unlike any other, you can grab Drakerider from the Play Store.

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