AH Awards 2013: Best Android Productivity App Of The Year


Productivity apps are designed to help the user in anything that involves being "productive," whether it be office work, personal work, or something that has nothing to do with work – after all, we want to be productive all of the time. It may be as simple as an email app, a copier app, copy-paste app, file manager, apps to synchronize your files across platforms – have something on your computer that you would like on your smartphone to text to someone, there is an app for that! Let's take a look at couple of the top apps and pick our 2013 winner. 

Runner Up – Boomerang

Boomerang claims to be the most powerful email app for Android and currently integrates with Gmail and Google Apps only, although they are working on Exchange/Outlook, Yahoo, and others.  This advanced package adds a lot of functionality that Gmail does not offer.  You can "snooze" email messages, schedule emails to go out later, track responses to your emails, and use advanced gestures in the Inbox view.  The screens and UI are beautiful and professionally done and you can use accounts specific themes.  You can have multi-account support and easily switch between those accounts.  The app also allows for integration with your phone contacts for an auto-complete feature.


Winner – Copy

Copy Collage

Copy is a cloud storage system to store, protect, and share all of your data – be it text, pictures, or your creative designs.  Updated on December 11, to correct some minor bug fixes, you can be sure you are getting the most up-to-date version of the application.  Copy gives you 15GB of free storage for new accounts and competitive pricing if you need more.  Like all cloud storage, once you save material, it is accessible from your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphones and the Copy website.

PhotoCopy automatically uploads any photo or video you take with your devices camera for safe and immediate backup and then quickly and easily sync those photos and videos with your Copy account.  You are also able to upload files from your SD Card.  You will have on-demand access to all of your files and your can easily share files without big attachments.  What is unusual about Copy is that you can invite others to join your folders for even easier sharing, but each of those shared folders each keep their individual storage totals and the total of those folders make up the total of your storage space. Copy is very well designed application and easy to set up and use with a professionally done UI.


Let us know at our Google+ site if you have used either one of these apps and what you think of them – and let us know what your favorite Productivity App is and why.