AH Awards 2013: Best Android Lifestyle App Of The Year


The Lifestyle app covers a lot of territory, but then so do our lifestyles.  This category covers food apps, such as Starbucks, Papa Johns, and Domino's Pizza, to Realtor apps, to Horoscopes, to Hobbies, to recipes, to places to get a haircut.  It goes on and on – Emoji emotions, AAA, ADT security, Charities, Mary Kay, Tattoo Designs to Sex Vibrators!  Quite an eclectic collection that touches just about any topic…and some I would never want to touch!  We chose two apps from this category that covers the gamut – one is from the Digital Wallet grouping and the other is an Alarm Clock for Android.  Let's take a look at these two applications and see which one is our choice for Android Headlines' 2013 App.

Runner Up – Samsung Wallet

Our runner-up award goes to Samsung Wallet – your "one-stop destination for all your tickets, loyalty cards, membership cards and coupons."  The app was just updated on December 12 and included some bug fixes and improvements on the coupon home page.  It is optimized for the HD and Full-HD displays on your Samsung device, as well as allowing synchronization of your data across multiple devices using your Samsung account.  You can store and manage tickets, coupons, mobile boarding passes, and even membership cards all in one convenient place.  Grocery coupons offered to your wallet can be save to the loyalty card for those participating grocery stores.


Winner – Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Collage

Timely claims that this is the "beautiful Alarm Clock for Android," – they are not fooling around when they made that statement.  Everybody needs some sort of clock/alarm application and the entire experience with the Timely Alarm Clock was a real treat.  It was not only easy to use, but offers customized by an infinite number of colors, as well as options for the clock area – they even include a design tool to create a custom look or pick one from their own handcrafted designs.  The app has some great, soothing sounds, for you to awaken, and you can even have the app come on up to 30 minutes early, so you can awaken slowly – simply pick it up to lower the volume or turn it over if you would like to snooze.  Using the app for a stopwatch or timer is as easy as "Ready, Set, Go!"

Timely Alarm Clock is designed to work on tablets as well as your smartphone so the screens look good no matter what device you decide to use.  You can manage, dismiss and snooze alarms across all devices at once with Cloud synchronization, and this feature also allows you to back up everything.  With Widgets, Google Now integration, recurring alarms, adaptive snoozing, and so many more features, we made this is our Android Headlines' 2013 Lifestyle App.


Let us know on our Google+ page what Lifestyle Apps you sport on your devices and especially if you use the two that are listed here.