AH Awards 2013: Best Android Endless Runner Game Of The Year

Endless runners are some of the easiest and best games to play because of their pick up and play mentality. Sure you don't want to stop playing if you're on a hot streak, but the fact that you can put it down any time you want without fear of losing tons of game progress is a huge plus. There are many endless runners on Android and its definitely one of the most popular game genres on mobile devices today. Some of the best endless runners to hit Android this year include Headless, Hunger Games: Panem Run, Iron Man 3: The Game, Astro Boy Dash, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Mini Ninjas, and Dead Ahead.

Runner Up: Temple Run 2
Temple Run was amazing, and Imangi Studios Temple Run 2 surpassed it in every way. The highly addictive endless runner that tasks you with running through temple caves, and jumping across rivers to escape the dreaded temple monkey that's chasing you has plenty to offer anyone whether you're a fan or a newcomer. Ride through mines in a minecart and dodge the broken railways, grab coins as you run to rack up points, and snag power ups to boost your speed or give you a shield to prevent damage. Let's not forget the magnet power up that grabs coins for you. Temple Run 2 adds in new playable characters as well new environments with updated HD graphics, tons of new achievements and of course a brand new more scary looking monkey. You can grab Temple Run 2 for free from the Play Store.

Winner: Sonic Dash
Sonic Dash Blazed onto Google Play recently in the last month, and it's pretty much Temple Run 2 on steroids. Everyones favorite classic SEGA icon is right at home as an endless runner title. You can start the game off playing as sonic, and the longer you play you can rack up red star rings to purchase other players including Tails and Knuckles, who are two of the most well known characters in the franchise besides Sonic himself. Just like most endless runners the task is to see how long you can run while grabbing special power ups, but Sonic Dash adds in a boss battle(you'll have to take on Zazz from Sonic Lost World) to throw some variety in the mix. The graphics are amazingly beautiful and easily make Sonic Dash the best visual experience of any endless runner. You'll have to dash through multiple iconic Sonic The Hedgehog environments while avoiding dastardly enemies. Of course it wouldn't be a sonic game without his cool moves. Grab gold rings and charge up sonics dash meter to use the Dash move which lets you run super fast for a short period of time. The more rings you rack up, the more you can spend on upgrades like a longer dash, or a faster starting run etc. You can even do his Spin move where he morphs into a ball and use it to pummel enemies. Sonic is also socially connected via play games services(which comes with achievements and leaderboards) and Facebook, so you can challenge your friends. Sonic Dash is free and you can run over to the Play Store and grab it now.

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