12.2-inch Samsung Tablet to Become Galaxy Note Pro?


2013 has been a year of doing things a little differently for Samsung, this past year they've tried new things and released more products than perhaps any other year. While they've once again dominated the Android smartphone arena, they're not doing so great when it comes to tablets. Then again, finding an Android manufacturer that's enjoying true success with tablets is pretty difficult. Needless to say, it's no surprise that rumors are swirling about what Samsung plans to do next. A Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is on the way to capture the low-end of the market, numerous screen sizes are rumored for 2014 including a 12.2-inch model. One which could become the Galaxy Note Pro.

As SamMobile is reporting, there's evidence that suggests Samsung is going to focus their tablet efforts on their effective Galaxy Note line. Something that many of us think they really ought to be doing, as their Galaxy Note line offers people something genuinely different from the iPads and the Surfaces on shelves today. For those hoping for an even bigger spec bump than the impressive Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition, they might be disappointed. Apparently, this Galaxy Note Pro will be shipping with mostly the same specs aside from the bigger display and a bigger battery. Which means you'll be getting the same 2560 x 1600 resolution of today's Galaxy Note 10.1. That's probably not going to be a problem for most people but, the price will decide that.

Bigger is not always better and if Samsung priced the Galaxy Note Pro significantly higher than the Note 10.1 then it's unlikely to take off. The larger 12.2-inch display will be nice, certainly but, it won't be worth that much more than the Note 10.1, especially if they're sharing the same internals. Aside from the display, the only differences will be a larger battery and apparently Android 4.4 KitKat onboard out of the box. What do you think to these larger tablets from Samsung? Is 2014 the year of the large tablet or will they be a flop?

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