10Tons Cuts Prices on Games Across Amazon and Google Play for Cyber Monday

Were you one of them many who snagged a new mobile device on Black Friday? If you are, congratulations! Now you just need to pack that puppy with apps and games. Luckily, today is Cyber Monday, and there seems to be no lack of deals on downloads for your phone. One such offering is coming from a mobile developer by the name of 10Tons, which has marked down eight games across the Amazon App Store and the Google Play Store. These deals are only hanging around until December 3, so you've got mere hours before you lose your chance to snag one of 10Tons' games at a discount.

10Tons Google Play deals include Joining Hands 2, Sparkle, Miriel's Enchanted Mystery, and Tennis in the Face, all being offered for $1 off their normal price. This brings the price of each game down to $1.99, so keep in mind that you'll still have to pay some amount of money to download 10Tons' games. In any case, Joining Hands 2 appears to be a family friendly puzzle game, while Sparkle has clearly taken inspiration from PopCap's hit puzzle game, Zuma. Miriel's Enchanted Mystery is a fantasy-themed time management game, while Tennis in the Face is an action game that will have you knocking out clowns, police officers, and scientists with - what else? - tennis balls.

Shifting our attention to the Amazon App Store, we see that Trouserheart, Azkend, and Heroes of Kalevala have enjoyed similar discounts. The Amazon App Store version of Miriel's Enchanted Mystery has been discounted as well, so you've essentially got two storefronts to choose from if you want to nab that particular game on the cheap. Trouserheart is a hack-and-slash adventure game that allows players to upgrade their equipment and face down a total of 10 different bosses. Azkend, on the other hand, is yet another puzzle game (we're noticing a trend with puzzle games on mobile devices), and Heroes of Kalevala is a match 3 type game, no doubt inspired by the immense success of games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga.

So there you have it - they may not be the cheapest things you can download for you phone, but 10Tons' games seem to posses a level of polish that isn't found in all free mobile games. Will you be taking advantage of these deals?

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