You Can't Use MotoMaker but The Moto G Has Plenty of Accessories

Flip Case

That sums up the newest member of the joint Google/Motorola merger, the Moto G – Exceedingly Stylish. Exceptional Price. We already know what an exceptional value the new Moto G offers to the smartphone world – only $179 (8GB) or $199 (16GB) unlocked, and this is a no-contract price! You get a beautiful 4.5-inch HD Display, Quad-Core processor, 1GB of RAM, 5MP Camera, the great Moto X commands, and the pure Android experience, with the promise of fast upgrades…a nice combination of qualities at an affordable price.

Well to go along with that exceptional value is the exceedingly stylish side of the equation – not only in the physical design, with almost edge-to-edge display, the slightly curved back making it easy and comfortable to hold, but also in the accessory department. Moto has a complete line of accessories to help make your Moto G more personalized for your tastes.

Moto Shells

Let us first take a look at the most common accessory, the Moto Shell – a colorful and easy way to brighten up your new Moto G…pick your favorite color and snap it in place, or choose a different color for every day of the week, or a color for the mood you are in on that particular day – the choice is yours, but these colorful shells let you have some fun with your new Moto G.

Flip Case

Want something a little more protective and still keep all of that color? How about the new Moto G Flip Shell that covers the front of your phone, protecting the display from scratches or mishaps. It has a magnetic cover that holds it securely in place and when you flip it open, your Moto G will be on and ready for you to use.

Moto Grip Shells

Want something with a little more grip to it? How about the new Moto Grip Shell that adds a band of rubber around the edges to protect further against dropping and allows you even a better grip on your Moto G to prevent dropping before it happens and even adds a little color-on-color for a little more flair.

Mini Headphones

With the Moto G’s built-in FM Radio and Google Play Music app, you need to access those features with an external speaker of some sort. How about a set of Sol Republic Jax Mini Headphones – they come in over a dozen colors so you can match them to your phone, or maybe a little (or a lot) of contrast is in order…it’s your Moto G!


Want something a little larger? How about the Deck by Sol Republic – a bluetooth speaker design for indoors or out, with great sound, and it comes in four colors to satisfy your desire to match.

Power Pack

Motorola did not forget the battery department – they offer full size batteries as well as their Slim Series for extreme portability and that extra power when you need it most.

Moto G in Pocket

Visit the Motorola website to see all of the colors and possibilities as you accessorize your new Moto G. Let us know in the comments or on Google+ if your will be accessorizing your new Moto G.