Want a Physical Google Wallet Card? Of Course You Do, Order Yours Today!

November 20, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’ve heard rumors of a physical Google Wallet card coming. And we were starting to think that Google had scratched it and decided not to do one. But it looks like they are doing one anyways. You can order your own Google Wallet card right now, and Google is stating that the card will be delivered within 10-12 days. The card will allow you to pay for items at any retailer, even those that don’t have the paypass terminals to use things like ISIS and Google Wallet with your phone. Also the charge on your card would show up just as if you had used the NFC part of Google Wallet. It actually fits very nicely in Google’s strategy with getting rid of the secure element for Google Wallet. Which is why Google Wallet works on the Moto X now on Verizon with KitKat.

If you want your own Google Wallet card, all you have to do is visit the Wallet website here. Then you’ll be asked to sign in, and next you’ll need to accept the new Terms of Service, since they’ve changed. Then you’ll be directed to your Wallet account, where you can see all your transactions. On the left side, there is the “Wallet App and Card” option, you’ll want to click on that. Now at the top of the page you should see “Get the Google Wallet Card”, just click that and follow the process. It’s actually quite simple. There you can also see which devices have Google Wallet installed on and disable them as well if you’d like.


The Google Wallet card may not save Google Wallet, but man it’s going to be a cool card to have in your wallet. It’s almost like having one card for all your cards. If that makes any sense. So how many of you are grabbing the Google Wallet card? Let us know in the comments below.