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User Agent Profile reveals mysterious LG D830

November 30, 2013 - Written By Abhijoy Sarkar

All the high profile smartphone launches of this year are over, so Android tipsters are going deep to get some hint of upcoming devices. A recent excavation of user agent profile revealed traces of a device with model number LG D830. Since we have no official information or evidence of existence, its hard to figure out what this device actually is.

The user agent profile reveals that the device will feature a display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and will also have LTE capability.

The closest device in the species is the Nexus 5 with model number LG D820/821 which was launched just about a month ago. It is too early to guess that this device could be Nexus 6. LG G2 carries the model number LG D802 and it makes more sense to assume that this mystery device could be the successor to‚ flagship LG G2.


We can also speculate that this new device could be an updated version of the Nexus 5 or LG G2 with newly launched Snapdragon 805 on board or maybe LG¢â‚¬â„¢s own quad core Odin processor. These are just blind guesses as we have very little info about the device in question.

The link to the user agent profile was tweeted by the infamous tipster @evleaks. If you can extract any other information from the user agent profile please let us know.

For people who are wondering what a user agent profile is, it is an XML document that contains information about device capabilities and is stored in a profile repository maintained by the manufacturers. It is a standard defined and maintained by the Open Mobile Alliance.