Take a 'Test Drive' with the Official Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Experience App

Galaxy Note 3 app icon

The first part of October, Samsung released it newest Galaxy Note 3 – and it has been praised by reviewers and critics alike. If you are curious about what all of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 excitement is about, but concerned about plunking down $300, then SamsungMobile Business has just the thing for you – the GALAXY Note 3 Experience App.  This app is in the Google Play Store; in fact, you can download it below:


This app will allow you to explore the Note 3’s amazing features via an easy to use interactive application.  Samsung even recommends those that already own the Galaxy Note 3, download this application as well, to use it as a learning guide so you can experience more about its features. You will also learn about the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, as well.  The app also has a video that you can watch. They do recommend, for best results, that you have a 1920×1080 resolution display, Android 4.1 or higher, and at least a 1.4GHz processor in your device, although it can work with less.

Note 3 1

This screen shows you some of the many features/functions of the Galaxy Note 3 and you can select each one for more detail.  This is also where you can access the video.  If you press on one of the above topics you will be taken to a screen like below:

Note 3 3

Say you clicked on one of options to explore, such as Air Command, the app will pull up more detailed information for you to “Experience” in more detail the features available to you.

Note 3 2

The Galaxy Note 3 app will even allow you to choose what areas are important to you and then lets you see how the Galaxy Note 3 device will help you achieve those goals.

Note 3 4

The application will even allow you to explore some of the many accessories you can purchase for the Galaxy Note 3, from cases to charger kits.  There is no shortage of accessories for this device – from Samsung branded ones to third-party manufacturers, everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon.

So take the Galaxy Note 3 for a “test drive” and let us know what you think of the device and its features in the either the comments or on Google+.