T-Mobile Brings Android 4.3 to Non-LTE Versions of Samsung Galaxy S III



If you haven't heard about all the news buzzing around Samsung, we have you covered. Along with the Execs calling released devices works in progress, to Samsung's social media department in the UK trying to twerk up the sales of the Galaxy Gear. We must not forget about how the update to the Galaxy S III to Android 4.3 Jellybean, was a huge flop. Consumers everywhere had many complaints about the update, and got a generic, "we are sorry." from Samsung. Good news is, that if you own a T-Mobile carried Samsung Galaxy S III, and it isnt the LTE version, than the update is ready for you.


We understand how wary you may be to download the update to 4.3, given the recent happenings, but given some of the features of the update, it is worth the risk. This update will allow for Galaxy Gear support. So if you are one of the people who have been waiting to get the Galaxy Gear, now you can feed that urge, and not have to buy a Galaxy Note III to use it.


Also in this update is KNOX, which turns your device into both a business and personal device. This comes in handy for the active business person, who carries around multiple devices to stay connected to both the work life, and personal life separately. These are some improvements that a few may have been waiting for, but those arent the only updates to the system.


Samsung is almost turning the Galaxy S III, into a Galaxy S IV. The features coming over from the S IV are:

  • Core UI elements

  • Improved S-Voice

  • Settings is getting a tabs UI

  • Voice Controls

Its nice to see software support on older devices, and the mistakes that have been made are sure to be fixed soon. However, making the older device run and look like the newer device, may not be the best strategy. What is to stop an average consumer from getting a pre-owned S III, over the S IV, if they are almost the same device? Besides the faceplant from the S IV to the S III, there are some other things coming, like Daydream, Drive mode and some new apps straight from Samsung. Gallery, Music, Contacts and Calculator are all getting upgraded.


There are, as always a couple of ways to get this update, as mentioned earlier though, you must have the non-LTE version of the Galaxy S III. For those of you who operate better on what version number you have, that is version SGH-T999. Once you are sure of which model you have, you can either grab it as an OTA. To do this, simply go to Settings-More-About Device-Software Update-Update, and you're set. The other way is through Samsung KIES, as long as your KIES version is also up to date. To go this route simply hook your device up to your computer. This update is a big one, coming in at 468 MB, WiFi will be your friend here if using OTA. So Galaxy S III owners, on T-Mobile, non-LTE version, get out there and get your update.

Source- T-Mobile

Via- Sammobile



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