Spotify Brings Connect Streaming To Android

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Just a few months ago, Spotify introduced Spotify Connect to iOS devices, now they’ve brought it to their Android app. Making it a multi-platform feature from Spotify. What Spotify Connect allows you to do is stream music over WiFi to select speakers. Unfortunately the system only works with streaming content and not local MP3s. Additionally, it’ll need a premium account to work. Right now it only allows you to send music to a single device, but that could change very soon.

Spotify Connect isn’t a whole lot different from what you can already do with most Bluetooth-enabled speakers can do. But what it does do is it eliminates the need for pairing. Which can actually be quite a hassle, especially if you use the same Bluetooth speaker on many devices like myself. On the plus side, because Spotify Connect uses WiFi, it has much farther  range than what Bluetooth can provide. Which means your friends can share their own playlists or music, as long as they have the Spotify app and your wireless password.

This is kind of similar to the streaming functionality provided from Apple’s AirPlay. But it seems to be a bit easier to set up. Once you’ve pressed the Spotify Connect button on your Android device, it’ll be free to do whatever else you want to do on your phone. For example, if you’re streaming music using Spotify Connect, you can also answer phone calls, play games, etc., with Apple’s AirPlay you can’t do anything else. Which in my opinion, is still a big down fall for Apple’s AirPlay.

Spotify Connect is available on Android right now through Google Play. Which we’ve got the Google Play button down below for you to download. How many of you are still using Spotify as your music app of choice? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below how you’re liking the Spotify Connect app.