Sony Will Give More Info On Android 4.4 KitKat Device Updates Next Week

Android KitKat Kit Kat 4.4 2

If there’s one thing companies love is attention. Even if there’s nothing to announce, you’ll see comments and posts about stuff just to draw your attention to them. That’s why these days we have teasers for the teaser for the trailer of the announcement of a product (go ahead, I’ll give you a second to read that one more time). This is the case with device updates and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Motorola teased a picture just to reveal their plans a few hours later. Was a teaser really necessary for just a few hours? Couldn’t they have just announced the update plans and that’s it?

HTC was better, they just flat-out said that the HTC One (all versions) would get KitKat in 90 days and the Google Play edition in just 15 days. But there are many more manufacturers and we haven’t heard anything from them yet. Samsung and Sony being the biggest of them all.

Sony decided to just tease the announcement on Twitter, through the account Sony Xperia News, saying that they’ll talk about it next week. That’s it, that’s everything they said, like if we didn’t already know they were deciding what to do.

Anyway, I get the need to say something, anything, to the audience. The internet is not known for being patient and they probably received a million messages asking for the update on every Sony device in existence, this way they can probably save a few of those messages. According to the Tweet, we’ll probably see a roadmap for device updates regarding both Android 4.3 and 4.4.

Sony has been great to Android and we know that they’re the ones who are giving back the most amount of code to AOSP, they even did an AOSP experiment with the Xperia Z and are usually pretty open with their devices.

If Sony can get Android 4.4 on the last few devices quickly enough and with a few fixes to those devices, they can have a some great options for consumers, specially with Xperia Z1 which is a great phone with a great camera that just has a few annoyances like software bugs or hit-and-miss camera results.

We’ll know more soon so don’t forget to check the list of devices to see if your device is getting the KitKat treatment, we’ll update it with the info as soon as we get it.