Sonic Dash Blazes Onto Google Play Today;Enter The Blue Blur


Sega has given us an early Christmas gift this year. Following the wonderful little sale they had on all their games just last week, they released Sonic Dash onto the Google Play Store today for FREE! Yep, Sonic Dash is free and its awesome. Sega Genesis fans know all too well the power of Sonic and how great the games can be, and Sonic Dash is no exception.2013-11-26 19.32.45This newest iteration of the blue blur is an endless runner style game that will have you streaking(not like that, dirty minds… all of you) throughout earth dashing, jumping, and rolling into that iconic blue ball. As you run you'll gather up gold rings, red star rings, dodge iconic enemies from Sonic the Hedgehog games, and even battle mini bosses. All of this happens while you are trying to see how long you can run before its GAME OVER.2013-11-26 19.32.09Sadly, there is no Google Play Games support here, but you can login via Facebook if you want some form of social interaction within the game. Sonic Dash also has a daily rewards system set up so that if you play the game every day you can grab powerups, gold rings and other useful items at random. Each day is a different reward, so if you enjoy the game remember to open it up daily and claim your prize. 2013-11-26 19.33.48During the launch, there is also a limited time mashup of sorts with Sonic Lost World where you have to defeat Zazz, one of the deadly six in an epic boss battle sometime during your run session. Defeating him nets you goodies, so make sure to use all your agility to take him down before he disappears. You start off playing the game as Sonic, but upon further game progression you have the ability to unlock multiple characters. 2013-11-26 19.33.12Tails the two tailed fox, Knuckles the echidna, Amy, Shadow, and Blaze all make appearances in Sonic Dash, and you gain access to them for a certain number of "Red Star Rings" which you acquire inside the game. The graphics are top notch(trust us the game looks amazingly beautiful), and its just plain old fun to run around as Sonic in this type of a game setting and get to use all his special powers and abilities.2013-11-26 19.34.08You can grab Sonic Dash for Free from the Play Store, and if you do so immediately you can ensure to get in on the special Sonic Lost World event. Free updates are expected to hit the game in the future with all kinds of new content as Sega states that they are working hard to bring fresh content to the game. So who's everyone's favorite Sonic character?

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