Samsung's Galaxy S5 and Other 2014 Flagships To Feature ISOCELL 16 Megapixel Camera



While it's still too early to be talking about the Galaxy S5 in any big way, we have to think that Samsung is already pretty far along in its development. One stage of which, is to choose which components make the cut. After all, Samsung is a massive company with many divisions. It's not a given that a Samsung division will get the contract for the next Galaxy S either, the camera components in the Galaxy S4 come from Sony. However, the Galaxy S5 will feature Samsung's own components, powered by a new technology they developed called ISOCELL.


ISOCELL is the next big thing when it comes to small mobile sensors and as you might image, it focuses on better camera performance where lighting is confirmed. Instead of utilizing a Backside Illumination like most sensors, ISOCELL sensors will be able to take in more light, as oppose to being helped along by the light from the device itself. To tell a long story short, this delivers a much more natural tone in images and works to reduce the washed-out look of BSI sensors.




Yesterday was Samsung's first Analyst's Day in 8 years and while we heard a lot about upcoming ventures, such as a 64-bit CPU and a massive investment in software, the news hasn't stopped coming just yet. SamMobile is reporting that the Galaxy S5 will indeed be shipping with 16-megapixel ISOCELL sensor, which should make next year's Galaxy S a very capable shooter, indeed. While there's no mention of Optical Image Stabilization, we're pretty sure that Samsung will be working on getting that into their next generation of smartphones. After all, Samsung won't want to be outdone by rivals like LG and HTC.

2014 is already shaping up to be another great year for mobile technology. With Qualcomm said to be unveiling a new GPU, super-high resolution displays and more. we suppose the question right now is, will Samsung have what it takes to have another stellar year?

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