Samsung to Launch Flip Phone With Snapdragon 800, to Cost Over $1,500

samsung w2014

In this day and age flip phones are but a mere whisper if not completely cut out of our lives. Companies like Samsung know that there's still a market for them however, and in places like China and most of Asiai, the desire for android clamshell devices is higher than you'd think.

Although flip phones are somewhat a thing of the past here in the states and many other places, some parts of Asia still find themselves wanting for the form factor some of us grew up with. Perhaps it's nostalgia, but whatever the case may be, the sheer popularity of Android flip phones even poised Samsung to design and develop an android flip device for its hometown called the galaxy golden.
Now they're setting their sights on the Chinese market and looking to make a powerful Android flip phone that suits the demand of such devices.

The funny thing is, the new Samsung SCH-W2014 out specs my Nexus 4, and keeps up with the Nexus 5 with one exception. The screen. Other than that, the processor is faster and newer (it'll be shipped with a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor) has double the storage of my Nexus 4 at 32GB, a 13 MP main camera and a 2MP backup camera. Not only that, but it has dual-SIM support so that if you need to carry two different numbers or two carriers in one device at the same time, you're able to do so.

Considering the specs, the SCH-W2014 sounds like it would match prices with a lot of the flagship phones that hit just about every market, astonishingly though China Telecom is planning to sell the phone at $1,640 which seems outrageous. That would buy four Nexus 5 32 GB models. Although this is certainly a price I wouldn't pay for a phone of this design simply because I feel flip phones are antiquated and as a personal taste I want something bigger in the screen department. There is market for it though and people will certainly buy it.

If Samsung or other phone manufacturers offered devices like these in your market would you find yourself tempted to snatch one up? Or are you done with flip phones for good?