Samsung Plans a Galaxy With a Wraparound Display Next Year

Samsung Display With Wraparound Edges

Samsung is planning to produce a Galaxy smartphone next year with a display that wraps around the horizontal edges on the device, much like the device we caught a glimpse of earlier this year.  Rather the Galaxy Round that was simply, slightly curved, and made holding the device easier and helped with the reflective qualities on the screen, this wraparound design is something that could be very useful.

Galaxy Round TV Ad
Samsung Galaxy Round Has Only a Curved Display

It would be like having three displays, the main display and a smaller display on each of the angled sides and could be used for notifications, reading messages, or even stock quotes, according to two people familiar with the project.  The phone could be sitting on your desk, off to the side at too great an angle to see the main display, but if the side was facing you, you would be able to read it – great at a workplace or if the phone was simply sitting off to your side on the end table.  Those same people said it may be used on the premium "S" or "Note" series, or may be used on a completely new line, but they do know that Samsung plans to have each side of the display to operate independently from one another.

With a slowdown in the premium smartphone sales, Samsung and Apple must come up with the "Next Big Thing," and fast!  It may be why Samsung announced that they would outsource their entry-level phones and concentrate on the premium devices.  A person close to the situation said that Apple is working on new designs including larger displays with curved screens and enhanced screens that will be able to detect different levels of pressure, much like a Wacom screen.


No specific release date was set, but most likely it will be out the second half of 2014.  This Youm technology was revealed to us in the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Samsung filed a U.S. trademark for Youm, stating that it could have many applications, including their Smart TVs, computer screens, and even Christmas tree lights!


Let us know in the comments or on Google+ if you would be interested in this "wraparound display" on your next smartphone. This time I think Samsung really has a great idea – rather than "rocking" your Samsung Round device, I'd much rather be rocking with a 3-way display!