Samsung Gives Back to Galaxy Note 3 Owners; Offers $50 Play Store Credit for Free


Samsung users are undeniably a devout and loyal bunch of users, and for good reason. Samsung have often proven themselves to be far ahead of the curve when it comes to software updates and they often keep their users around for much longer than other manufacturers tend to do, such as HTC. This recent bit of TLC from Samsung comes in the form of cold hard cash, well, cash in the sense of Google Play Credit. Samsung is giving Galaxy Note 3 owners $50 of Play Store credit just for buying the phone as a sort of "thank you". Which, we have to say is pretty generous of them.

As Android Police is reporting, all you need to do is head to this website and enter your phone number, then your IMEI and answer a few questions before getting your Google Play Credit delivered to you. The delivery of said code should take too long at all and times of 10 minutes or so seem to be the norm.



Not only does the code apply to those that have already bought a Galaxy Note 3 but, to those that are going to do so in the future. The offer is running until January 6th 2014 so, those Galaxy Note 3s that are coming from Santa will be getting something a little extra. You're free to spend the Google Play credit on whatever the hell you like, including Books, Apps, Games, Movies and more. So, thanks to a little gift from Samsung, you're able to fill up your Galaxy Note 3 with all sorts of fancy apps and some brilliant games. I'd recommend games like Fruit Ninja to take advantage of the S-Pen. Trust me, you've not really played Fruit Ninja until you play it with an S-Pen.

We'd like to see more manufacturers following this route, after all it's nice to get something back especially when the Galaxy Note 3 is a pricey product, even though it's arguably very much worth it. Let us know in the comments or on Google+ what you Galaxy Note 3 owners use your Play Store credit on.

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