Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Now Available on AT&T for $199 On Contract



When Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 earlier on in the year, we thought that would be in it for the Galaxy S line. However, since then we've seen the Galaxy S4 Active, the waterproof and rugged Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Mini (a smaller version of the Galaxy S4) and the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is easily one of the most different Galaxy S4s out there, offering a device that's a sort of a mash-up between the Galaxy S4 Mini and a Samsung Digital Camera. offering what Samsung calls the best of both worlds, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is designed for those that enjoy taking photos on the go but, don't want to take a smartphone and a digital camera.


It's available now from AT&T for $199 on contract or, $529 outright. It's only listed as being available in white and "due today" but, you can now get the camera that's a phone and the phone that's a camera from a US carrier. Previously, the Galaxy S4 Zoom was only available in Europe and other parts of the world but now, it's coming to the States. It's a little disappointing to see it launch on just one carrier but, at least it made it to the US. Plus, this gives those looking for a new smartphone to buy at Christmas, one more option for their family and friends.

With a dual-core CPU, 1.5GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch display at 960 x 540 and Android 4.2, the Galaxy S4 Zoom doesn't stand up much as a smartphone. However, it does feature a 16-megapixel 10x optical zoom camera around back. Allowing you to take pretty decent images while on the move, without having to carry around another device. No matter what though, at $199 this could solve all your issues with poor quality images from your smartphone. You're probably wondering just how good the Galaxy S4 Zoom is overall, as a smartphone and a camera? Well, hopefully we can answer that question with out review.

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