Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Get Two New Outfits: Red and White Gold

Galaxy Note 3 009

Samsung has had a wildly successful run with their Galaxy Note series of mobile phones. The extra-large screen and the impressive S Pen stylus are both very popular with smartphone buyers. But colors are also important to buyers and Samsung has a long history of providing different color options of their flagship devices.

The Galaxy Note 3 (be sure to read our review) is no exception. It is currently available in black, white and pink, though the pink version is only available in some markets. According to a new report from Sam Mobile, new red and white gold color variants of the Note 3 are coming soon.

The report says that the two new color choices will be available in January and will hit multiple markets around the world. As with the pink option, not all colors will be available in all markets, and some may be exclusive to specific retailers or carriers. This is especially true in the US, where color choices are almost always exclusive. The Moto X color options, for example, were only available on AT&T, while the blue HTC One can only be purchased at Best Buy.

Gold has been a very popular color lately, ever since the iPhone 5S was released in a muted gold tone. Since then HTC and Samsung have both either announced or released phones with gold-colored bodies, though HTC says their gold HTC One was in the world before the iPhone was announced.

Red phones can be pretty striking, and don’t always look good. If the Red Galaxy Note 3 looks anything like the rumored red Xperia Z1, then it could be a pretty attractive color choice for a lot of people.

Color options are a great way to personalize devices and consumers seem to like the choice. Most people will still pick the standard black slab choice, but almost all manufacturers are working to offer color choices. Motorola currently offers the most choice with their Moto Maker service, but Apple famously joined the color party with the iPhone 5C.

If the Galaxy Note 3 hits your favorite carrier in red or white gold, will you be buying one?