Rogers Canada To Offer The Nexus 5 On A 2-Year For $100


It's no secret anymore. The Nexus 5 is out. After months and months of speculation and rumors, Google finally unveiled and released the Nexus 5 onto the play store last Friday for a starting price of $349.99, which gets you the 16GB model, and $399.99 for the 32GB model if you need a little more space. Finally, Google is offering a Nexus phone with more than 16GB of storage. For a lot of people 16GB is plenty, but for a huge portion of the community that is loyal to the nexus brand, customizing their device through Rooting and throwing on a custom ROM is a big part of why they love the Nexus, not to mention the process takes up a ton of space if you keep multiple ROMs and switch back and forth.

The Play Store is not the only place you will find the Nexus 5 though. Plenty of carriers are going to offer it in retail stores. There are numerous carriers from our friends up north behind the Canadian borders that plan to offer the Nexus 5 on their networks. Rogers among others are set to offer it with a 2year contract. Other carriers include, Telus, Koodo, Virgin, Fido, Bell, WIND, and Videotron. So no matter which Canadian carrier you use, chances are that you will have an opportunity to pick it up from a local store. This is a welcoming thought if the Play Store sells out and you really want this device.

If you live in Canada, we have some really good news for you thanks to the information from the folks over at mobilesyrup. If you're a Rogers subscriber the Nexus 5 will be offered with a $100 price tag. Yes, that's really just $100. It comes with the 2-year contract of course, however if you're already committed and plan on staying with the major Canadian carrier than no harm no foul right? Especially if it saves you $250 on the 16GB model Nexus 5.



If you're not already a Rogers subscriber, this is definitely something worth taking into consideration. Whether you're in the market for a new wireless carrier or not, is this something that would convince you to switch services?

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