All the PNG Files from the KitKat Easter Egg Available Here!


We always have great Easter Eggs in new versions of Android. But the one in KitKat is by far my favorite. Not only because it's KitKat, but because it has a rather nice mosaic of all the Android versions up until KitKat. Which is pretty cool, especially for hardcore Android fans like us.

One of the readers over at Droid-Life went through the systemui folder after they decompiled a KitKat ROM this morning and found all the PNG images that make up that Easter Egg. Which is probably not a huge deal to most of you, but it is still pretty darn cool.



In the image above, you'll see Cupcake, Donut and Ice Cream Sandwich. Which yes there's a few deserts missing in there.



In the next image there's icons named "donut burger", "zombie gingerbread" and "dandroid".


This next image has what we believe is another Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and then KitKat, which is what we are all longing for right about now. Of course there were also some other random images included in there which are all seen down below. Some of these images might make some pretty good wallpapers, but I think the ones on the Nexus 5 already look pretty good. But then that's just my opinion. These files are all 512×512 and we've got a zip below if you want to download them all. It's pretty small in size, which is kinda expected since they are only 512×512 images.






Right now, we are still digging deep into KitKat and will be tossing out a lot of KitKat coverage over the next few days and even the next week or so, leading up to the review. So make sure you stay tuned to Android Headlines for all the coverage we have in store.

Download: KitKat Easter Egg PNG Files