Nvidia CEO Calls Android the "Most Disruptive and Versatile OS" in History


It's no secret that we love Android here at Android Headlines.  After all what kind of site would we be if we reported on something we didn't really care that much about?  It's pretty clear too that the world loves Android, what with Google's mobile OS powering some 80% of all smartphones globally.  The US doesn't have quite as much love for Android as the rest of the world, but at 52% of smartphone market share Android is still king here in the land of the free.  It's also pretty refreshing when we see companies not just jump on Android because it's the popular thing to do, or that it makes them a ton of money, but because they flat-out love the operating system.  During Nvidia's third-quarter financial earnings report, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made a pretty bold statement when speaking about Android itself and what he believes the future of his company lies in:

"Android is the most disruptive operating system that we've seen in a few decades, in a couple of decades," Huang said.


That's a pretty strong statement, and it brings up memories of when Nintendo launched the Wii in 2006, disrupting the market and becoming the best selling video game console of that generation.  Seeing just how much Android dominates the world landscape not only in smartphones, but in tablets too, it seems this disruptive strategy is paying off for Google and the companies that support them.  Nvidia has benefitted from this strategy too, citing that revenue from their latest chipset, the Tegra 4, have doubled from the previous quarter. As The Register points out, Huang also talked about Android's versatility and cloud power.

"Android is probably the most versatile operating system that we've ever known," he said, "and has the benefit of also being connected to the cloud. And so the day that you turn it on, it's incredibly useful, with all kinds of applications already on it."

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Nvidia is riding the Android train hard, betting quite a bit on its success and the success of their chipsets.  The PC Gaming market has slightly declined in size for them, with shipments of graphics cards slipping.  Huang stated that their number one income stream is Tegra, which is the same chipset that powers their newest gaming platform, the Nvidia Shield.  He stated that their expectations of Shield sales were modest, however, and that the company didn't expect the platform to sell gangbusters in its lifetime.  Still Nvidia's future looks bright, and by pinning its hopes upon the world's most popular operating system it seems to have made the right choice.

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